Shekhinah Clinic in Tamale, Ghana, West Africa

The word "Shekhinah" in Hebrew means the presence of God. It is the very presence of God, His love, compassion and healing - that the Faith Community of Saint Sabina is committed to spreading throughout the Auburn-Gresham community, the city of Chicago, the nation and the world. St. Sabina's participation in the Shekhinah Clinic in Tamale, Ghana, West Africa is an important first-step in achieving this goal.

Starting with an initial $15,000 donation on February 11, 2001, Saint Sabina contributed more than $22,000 to aid in the construction of a center, "The St. Sabina AIDS Clinic," which offers HIV testing. The center also provides laboratory services to help combat the spread of other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.

St. Sabina has made a commitment to provide the clinic with annual financial support.