I'm a Believer: Father Michael Pfleger

I'm a Believer: Father Michael Pfleger

The Faith Community of St. Sabina, located in Chicago, is a celebration of life that gives witness to a legacy of faith, education and service. At the head of this service is the Rev. Dr. Michael Louis Pfleger, a Roman Catholic priest and social activist who fights for social justice by working to combat the negative influences in the world that are having an impact on our communities. By teaming up with Believe Chicago‚Ą†, and through the many programs offered at The Faith Community of St. Sabina, Pfleger is hoping to continue combating violence through opportunities and relationships.

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Trevon Bosley speaks at March for Our Lives

Fr. Michael Pfleger speaks at MLK50 commemoration

Remarks by Father Michael Pfleger, Senior Pastor from the Lorraine Motel Balcony, at National Civil Rights Museum's Commemoration of the Life and Work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the 50th Anniversary of his Assasination, Wednesday, April 4, 2018. 

Read or Download the text of Fr. Pfleger's Speech at the MLK50 Commemoration

No Longer Three Fifths a Person at 5/3 Bank!

Fifth Third Bank Doors are no longer Discriminatory!

Thank you Fifth Third Bank for removing  the "jail like" doors! 

These "jail Like " doors are at their branches at 8140 S Ashland, 1600 E 79th Street and 11850 S. Marshfield. 5/3 Stop your discriminatory practices! Either put your "jail like" doors in all your branches or take them out of ours!

For More Information - Download the PDF Handbill " pdfThree Fifths of a Person at Fifth Third Bank"
Three.Fifths of a Person at Fifth.Third.Bank Cover

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