America Needs a Top Cop at the ATF

Join Us and More than 500 Mayors  from across the country in calling on President Obama to appoint an ATF Director who will Crack Down on Illegal Guns.

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From the Mayor's Against Illegal Guns:

Dear Friend,

When it comes to investigating and prosecuting the dealers who supply criminals with illegal guns, law enforcement’s hands are tied.

That’s the focus of a groundbreaking new investigation by the Washington Post called “The Hidden Life of Guns.”* It found that the federal agency responsible for cracking down on gun crime, the ATF, isn’t given the tools necessary to protect our communities.

In fact, the ATF has operated without a Director for the last four years, severely hampering its efforts to keep criminals from getting guns.


More than 500 Mayors from across the country are demanding a change to this deadly situation. Join them in calling for a real commitment to keeping our communities safe.

Ask President Obama to appoint an ATF Director and stand up to illegal gun trafficking.

The ATF director is the highest-ranking law enforcement position that remains vacant. Without real leadership, the ATF is not fully equipped to stop criminals across the country from getting guns.

For example, the Washington Post found that just 40 dealers in Virginia supply 60% of guns recovered in crimes in that state. Even though most of those 40 dealers have been warned about selling to criminals, only four dealerships have had their licenses revoked.

Guns from these dealers have been tied to 40 homicides, 60 robberies, 301 shootings, and 1,043 weapons-related violations -- and all they’ve gotten is a slap on the wrist.

Sadly, it’s a story repeating itself all across the country and why we urgently need a top cop on illegal guns. To protect our families and our communities, it’s important for supporters like you to make your voice heard today.

Send your message to President Obama: America needs an ATF Director right now.

It’s time to get serious about stopping illegal guns. Please speak out today and make sure that President Obama gets our message loud and clear.

Thanks for getting involved,
Mayors Against Illegal Guns