Another Miracle St Sabina Church: Ondelee Perteet Walks on His Own

by Chinta Strausberg

ondeleeperteet_walking_by_faith_chintastrausbergAnother Miracle happened at Saint Sabina Church today, a prediction Father Michael L. Pfleger has been talking about for a very long time. 

Ondelee Perteet, 18, who was shot in 2009 and told by his doctors he would never walk again, proved them wrong. Asking for a walker, Ondelee decided to walk to the altar and take his own communion. Father Pfleger called it "a miracle."

When asked why did he decide to walk, Ondelee said, ""Everbody just wanted me to do it." "I had the faith that I could do it, and I pushed myself forward and a miracle happened." The miracle, Ondelee said, "was because of the prayers, all of the support I have. "The doctors told me that I would never, ever move my arms or legs again in a wheelchair and I proved them wrong," said Ondelee smiling. A senior at Wendell Phillips High School, Ondelee said he plans to go to college "and pursue my career as a motivational speaker."




A Proud Pfleger looks at Ondelee | Photo by Chinta Strausberg





Watch the Video: Ondelee Perteet Walks to Communion