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Rami Nashashibi is a community organizer and American Muslim activist who co-founded and continues to serve as the Executive Director of the Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN.)

Rami Nashashibi is a Visiting Assistant Professor in Sociology of Religion and Muslim Studies at the Chicago Theological Seminary.

The New York Times profiled Rami Nashashibi's work in 2014. Read The New York Times: "Building Bridges Where Needed on Chicago's South Side"

Latest sermons by this teacher

Sunday Morning Sermons
The Faith Community of Saint Sabina has sought to be a progressive voice for justice in the city. Consistent with that calling, on Sunday, February 12, at the 11:15 am service, 3 voices who represented those being disenfranchised and under attack in this present administration spoke about their present circumstances. Rami Nashashibi (Executive Director of Inner City Muslim Action Network), Lillian Jimenez (Attorney and advocate for immigration rights), and Curt Toler (former gang member and St. Sabina PeaceMaker) shared their stories andspoke about our need to come together in our fight for justice. Following their sharing, in the tradition of Pope Francis, Rev. Pfleger, Senior Pastor of Saint Sabina, washed the feet of members from the Muslim, Latino and street brothers to demonstrate the respect, dignity and honor of every human life. Rev. Pfleger said, “In the seriousness of our times we must not let our pain divide us. Rather it should join us together in unity in the fight for justice.”
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