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Summer 2015 Starts Off With Staggering Gun Violence in Chicago, NY, Baltimore

Author: Kevin Clarke | May 27 2015 - 6:58pm |


2015-peace-march-flyer-320....Memorial Day weekend produced headline-grabbing violence in three major U.S. cities. In...Father Michael Pfleger is the outspoken pastor of St. Sabina’s Parish on Chicago’s South Side, a neighborhood which has historically seen a disproportionate amount of gun and gang violence.

As the news broke of the weekend violence he turned to his Facebook account to vent his outrage. In the past he has deplored government and media indifference to Chicago’s gun violence. This time he opted to share the blame and the obligation to respond: “The Tribune is reporting 12 KILLED and 56 SHOT this past Memorial Day Weekend,” he wrote.

“Yes, this is a jobs problem, an economic development problem, a police problem, an elected officials problem, a church problem, a Poverty problem, etc., but it is also a neighborhood and personal responsibility problem.

“We know the shooters...and whether these young people are our own children, neighbors or friends...they MUST be reported...When we know who shot or killed and say nothing we are [co-conspirators]. When the hell are we going to stop this blood bath?”...