ABC News Chicago: Moms Call for Ceasefire on Mothers Day

By Leah Hope
Friday, May 06, 2016
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Some mothers whose lives have been forever changed by violence are calling for peace on the streets of Chicago this Mother's Day weekend. They are hoping other moms won't have to endure the grief and loss they've experienced.

In Auburn Gresham, these mothers do not celebrate Mother's Day as they once had. On the Friday before Mother's Day, they plead for the lives of other mothers' sons and daughters.

"There are too many out here, just going through this. I don't want to see another mother go through what I went through- twice. So please put the guns down," said Delphine Cherry, the mother of two victims of gun violence.

"There is no pain like a mother's pain to have to bury her child and have to leave that cemetery and have to leave that child there," says Alice Thomas-Norris, the mother of Rolanda Marshall.

Next to the memorial for the hundreds of young people killed by gun violence, they pray for peace. On Friday, the mothers joined gun control advocates, including Father Michael Pfleger of nearby Saint Sabina Church.

"One day there won't be another mother going to plan a funeral, or go to a hospital to care for their child. We believe in the day God," Pfleger said.

But more than prayer, they call for action.

"We are going to hold parents accountable for this weekend. So if you've got guns in your house, we need you to check your house out and find out what's there and get your children in order," said Pam Bosley, the mother of Terrell Bosley...