The Peace Basketball Tournament September 25, 2012

The Peace Basketball Tournament

"...the feel inside the gym was impossible to fully describe with words....Members of different gangs bused in to play ball against each other. Putting -- for at least one day -- all beefs and business aside and letting their common love for the game be their guide. Different sects representing with no sect tripping. ...
...Chicago Bulls players (Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson); NBA players from Chicago (Quentin Richardson, Antoine Walker, Bobby Simmons); the two greatest players in the history of the city (Isiah Thomas and Derrick Rose); NBA referees from Chicago (Danny Crawford, James Capers); legendary Chicago high school coaches (Robert Smith, Simeon; Tyrone Slaughter, Young); and the No. 1 high school player in the nation (Jabari Parker), all in one place for one reason: To let the young, black, at-risk kids of Chicago who have lost their sense of purpose know what normal is supposed to feel like...."