Saint Sabina's Physical Distancing Guidelines

Worship Services on Saturday at 5pm and on Sunday at 10am.

 Due to safe physical distancing requirements, space is limited and registration is required. Registration will be open from Monday at 8am to Friday at 3:30pm during the week ahead of each service.

Download the pdfRe-Opening Guidelines as a PDF 

The Faith Community of Saint Sabina's Re-Opening Guidelines


  1. There will be 2 services beginning the 1st weekend in August, 5pm Saturday (August 1st)
    and 10am Sunday (August 2nd). Both will be in the main Sanctuary. This will continue each week.
  2. Everyone must register each week for the service they want to attend by Friday at
    3:00pm, either by:
    1. Online (Link will be made available each Monday)
    2. Calling the church office, 773-483-4300
  3.  Doors will open 1 hour before service, 4pm on Saturday and 9am on Sunday
    1. All must enter through the center door of the main doors of the church on Throop Street.
  4. You must:
    1. Check in
    2. Sanitize your hands
  5. Masks will be required to enter. A mask will be given if you forget yours.
  6. All should sit on the cross markings in the pews, families may sit together. Seating is first come first served basis, there will not be reserved seating for Elders or anyone else.
  7. 10 minutes after the start of service, seats will be given to anyone that may have come without registering. Doors will be closed for entry at 5:15pm on Saturday and 10:15am on Sunday.
  8. Offertory: people will be able to give through 4 options (utilize whichever you find most comfortable and convenient):
    1. Mail in
    2. Text “Give” to 773-295-2166
    3. Online through Give Central
    4. Walking up to basket (Please remember social distancing)
  9. Sign of Peace:
    1. We will turn to one another in all directions, with prayer hands and reverence the God in each other with a bow.
    2. We will be invited to text someone (in the church or elsewhere in the world) the gift of peace at that time.
    3. At this time we are not allowed to embrace or shake hands.
  10. Communion:
    The Archdiocese has not approved individual cups/wrapped wafers.
    1. The bread will only be given in the hand, not placed on the tongue.
    2. We will not receive under the cup due to Covid-19 protocols.
    3. Again, maintain social distancing guidelines during communion.

As we return to the Sanctuary, we ask everyone for their patience and to follow the directions of the Ushers, Hospitality, and Armorbearers.