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  • St. Sabina Employment Resource Center
    7825 South Racine Ave.
    Chicago, IL, 60620
  • Phone: 773-783-3760
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Saint Sabina Community
and Technology Center

  • St. Sabina Community and Technology Center
    7811 S. Racine Ave.
    Chicago, IL, 60620
  • Phone: 773-783-3760
  • For Information about:
    Job Readiness Program Orientation Dates
    How to Apply for
    ERC Services
    Please Call 773-783-3760

stsabina-erc-OneERC Director, Lisa Ramsey (left) and ERC staff members give personalized attention to each client's unique needs.

The ERC was founded in 1998 to serve the job-seeking needs of the Auburn-Gresham and Englewood communities. At the ERC job seekers will find the resources neccessary to aid in their job search efforts. The staff focuses on providing assistance that will lead our customers to finding meaningful and sustainable career opportunities.

We realize that each person's employment needs vary; therefore the ERC is committed to providing indvidualized career planning tailored to each person's specific skills and career desires.

The Employment Resource Center gets to the heart and stability of a community's future by putting people to work so that they may be empowered to care for their families and rebuild their communities.

Rev. Michael. L. Pfleger, Senior Pastor, The Faith Community of Saint Sabina

ERC-Summer-JobsOver 1000 youth participated in the ERCs Summer Youth Internship Program in 2013. St. Sabina's ERC Summer Youth Internship Program became the largest single employer of youth in comparable programs in the state of Illinois.

About the ERC

In an unprecedented partnership of church, local and state government, in 1998, the Faith Community of St. Sabina opened a full-service employment center. The center provides client assessment and screening, job matching, service referral, resume preparation and job training programs to members of the Englewood, Auburn-Gresham, and other close neighborhood south side communities.

Over 1000 youth successfully completed summer internships in 2013. ERC Director, Lisa Ramsey and State Senator Jacqueline Collins (left to right, center front) honor the youth at Saint Sabina Church.

Mission of the Saint Sabina Employment Resource Center (ERC)

The mission of the Employment Resource Center (ERC) is to develop the employability of individuals so they may secure and retain meaningful career paths. The ERC staff supports and encourages individuals to achieve self-sufficiency and an improved overall quality of life. The vision of the ERC is that one day the unemployment rate within its targeted communities will be zero. Stable employment in a community is necessary for the economy in the community to grow and prosper.

GED-classes-ERCThe St. Sabina ERC initiated and developed in cooperation with the City Colleges of Chicago, Kennedy King College, a unique GED program offering clients continuous enrollment dates. Clients who enroll in the GED program can begin classes immediately. Attrition rates between enrollment and class start dates are significantly reduced.

Focus of the ERC

The ERC focuses on preparing people for the workplace. The ERC staff works along with employers, city colleges, and targeted skills development agencies in designing training programs and services that will prepare its clients to be stellar employees - ready to work and eager to serve. The programs are designed to provide the support and training necessary for every client to achieve meaningful employment and take advantage of future career growth opportunities. Equally as important, the program is designed to build up the confidence of each client in their own abilities so that they seek to pursue their careers of choice and not just seek employment for employment sake.

ERC-interview-720480Interview practice sessions are included in the ERC's Job Readiness Workshops.

Today, the ERC offers an Employment Resource Services Division and a Universal Resource Center. The Employment Services Division is focused on training clients while also identifying and providing qualified applicants to meet the hiring needs of existing and new businesses. These collaborative efforts with employers reduce the time, costs, and human resource expended during the staffing recruitment and selection process. The ERC has created an employer database with over 200 businesses located in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Through a partnership with a company specializing in tax credit recovery, the ERC encourages businesses to fully leverage tax credits to recoup operational costs by hiring qualified candidates who meet specific eligibility requirements.

erc-expert-financial-counselingThe ERC's  Community Financial Counselor offers clients advice with budgeting, debt management and savings.

Technnology Resources for Clients

The Auburn-Gresham Universal Resource Center (URC), which opened its doors in 2002, offers employment-related services to all residents of the community. The primary purpose of the URC is to provide individuals with the necessary tools and a professional environment for conducting job search activities. Customers have access to computers, laser printers, high speed internet, telephones, a fax machine, and a copier. The ERC partnered with the Chicago Community Voice mail Project to provide voicemail technology to customers without phones so that they may receive messages from potential employers. A full-time staff member is on-site to assist job seekers with resume development and review, job search techniques, establishing email accounts, skills training and individual support and encouragement. The URC assists over 600 unduplicated customers each month and the numbers are increasing as community awareness of our services continues to spread.

ERC provides Technology Resources for ClientsThe ERC provides technology resources for clients six days a week with evening hours available.

How to Reach Us

stsabina-church-facade-2802801210 W 78th Place
Chicago, IL 60620

773 . 483 . 4300

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Office Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: The office is closed. Church Sanctuary opens for worship an hour before the 1st service.

Worship Services

1st Sunday of every month - 10 am Unity Service

  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sunday of every month
  • 8:30 am - Sunday
  • 11:15 am - Sunday
  • 5 pm - Saturday
  • Tuesday - Bible Study at 7 pm*
  • Wednesday - Bible Study at 9 am*
  • Friday (July - September) at 7 pm - Neighborhood Peace Marches begin with prayer on the steps

*Bible study schedules vary with seasons and holidays


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