Mission of the Faith Community of Saint Sabina


St. Sabina is a Word-based, Bible teaching church that believes in the power of praise and worship. We are a spiritual hospital where all are welcome and invited to "taste and see the goodness of the Lord."
Our purpose is to nurture and develop spiritually mature Christians who are trained leaders and who are not confined by the walls of the sanctuary, but can penetrate the world in order to present God's way of living as a divine option.

We strive to be a true Thessalonian Church that:

  • Imitates Christ;
  • Builds and models community in a fragmented world;
  • Evangelizes by reaching out to others by proclaiming the Good News;
  • Is rooted in faith and prepared to stand when we have done all else;
  • Witnesses God's goodness and love as and doers of the Word.
  • Is committed to building a Third Day Church, one that takes:
  • Takes DOMINION (Authority) Genesis 1:28
  • Takes POSSESSION (Ownership) Joshua 1:10-11
  • Makes DISCIPLES (Trains up followers of Christ)

Matthew 28:18-20

We believe that the church is called to be the immune system of the world -- fighting off the attacks of Satan. We are dependent upon the Word of God and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit to fulfill this high calling.