National Rally to #endgunviolence in Washington D.C. on September 25th


The week of July 28th through August 4, our country saw 4 mass shootings, not counting
Chicago which, on the weekend of August 3rd, saw 8 killed and 47 wounded. America continues
to ignore the easy access and love affair with guns that has blood flowing on its streets. 

It is time to put pressure on the Congress to stop ignoring this public health crisis, and vote on common
sense gun safety laws.

Therefore, we are calling for a rally at the US Capitol on the West Lawn from 1 pm – 3:30 pm on
September 25th, 2019, to demand Congress pass legislation to guarantee our constitutional right
to live!

If you are interested in being a part of this rally or being a sponsor, please contact The Faith
Community of Saint Sabina'Church Office at, 773-483-4300.
Rev. Michael L. Pfleger
Senior Pastor
The Faith Community of Saint Sabina

Buses will leave St. Sabina at 8 pm, Tuesday Sept. 24th, arriving in Washington, DC at approximately 10 am on Sept. 25th. We will participate in the rally on Sept. 25th during the day and board buses in DC Wednesday evening at approximately 6 pm to return to Chicago , arriving back in Chicago at approximately 8 am on Sept. 26th.

Listen to "Call to Action!" on Spreaker.